Euro-Asian Business Ideas Contest

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First JCI Euro-Asian Business Ideas Contest Main Goal
is establishment and development of partnership between entrepreneurs from Europe and Asia.
Main Goals:
  • 1
    to find and support with funds and recognition 3 projects or ideas that are aimed at supporting and expanding interregional (Europe - Asia) cooperation and business;
  • 2
    to develop business communications between Europe and Asia;
  • 3
    to stimulate international turnover of goods and services;
  • 4
    to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs from JCI Europe and Asia to develop their business ideas.
Who can participate?
•Current and developing projects
•New business ideas
Evaluation criterias
•How the project stimulates the development of business partnership between Europe and Asia
•Increase in exports and imports between countries and areas
•Increasing in number of joint business projects
•Potential for scaling
•Financial substantiation
•Depth of idea development
•Prototype or a finished product / service
•Relevance and uniqueness
•Innovative approach
•Competence of team members

Stages of contest
  • registration
    untill August 25
  • projects evaluation by a competent jury – selection of TOP 10 projects
    untill September 1st
  • preparing of presentation / or video
    untill September 15
  • presentation of TOP 10 projects at First Euro-Asian conference on September 17
  • award the winners
    (During JCI World Congress 2020)
Contest will be a part of
First JCI Euro-Asian Business Online Conference
on 17th September 2020

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